Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Do you want to fatten your wallet or trim your waistline? Here are eight reasons why it isn’t happening:

No focus: you didn't set goals, you didn't put your goals in writing, and you didn't keep your goals in mind daily.
No priorities: you may have set a goal, but you didn't put it on or near the top of your priorities list.
No support system: you tried to go at it alone; no buddy system, partners, family, spouse, friends, mentors or coaches to turn to for information and support.
No accountability: you didn't keep score for your own accountability, and you didn't set up external accountability (ie. report to someone else or show your results to someone else)
No patience: you were only thinking short term and had unrealistic expectations.
No planning: you winged it. You didn't plan your work into your weekly schedule; you didn't have a “menu” on paper, you didn't make time (so instead you made excuses, like "I'm too busy")
No balance: your program was too extreme. You went the all-or-nothing, "I want it now" route instead of the moderate, slow-and-steady wins the race.
No personalization: your program was the wrong one for you. It might have worked for someone else, but it didn't suit your schedule, personality, lifestyle, or disposition.

One of the best Internet advisers on food and exercise is Tom Venuto. He's a top class mentor for body-builders and his straight from the Deltoid advise is backed with the best scientific and common sense information on exercise and diet - how to do it and keep doing it. His eight reasons why people fall off the Diet or Exercise wagon apply just as well to any artist who wants to become a success. In fact, what he says can be applied to anyone starting a business or endeavor of any sort.

These principles are lifted directly from: FAT BURNING TIPS NEWSLETTER Brought to you by Tom Venuto and Burn The Fat

If you want to become physically fit, check in with someone like Tom Venuto who has made it happen. If you’re an artist, look in on Barney Davey’s or my

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